Operational Monitoring

By seamlessly integrating into clients’ operations, we provide SQEP operational monitoring expertise and support, including experienced supervisors, for:

  • Reactor outages – we provide teams to a range of operating reactor designs, nuclear generating stations within Europe, South Africa, USA and Canada.
  • Oil and Gas – providing monitoring support to NORM operations our teams support work on oil and gas platforms in the UK and abroad.
  • Nuclear licensed sites – our teams support waste management and decommissioning operations at Nuclear Decommissioning Authority sites at Dounreay, Harwell, Windscale, Low Level Waste Repository and Winfrith sites. Since 2012 we have also provided monitoring teams to the Magnox fleet at Berkeley, Dungeness, Hunterston, Oldbury, Trawsfynydd and Wylfa.
  • Decommissioning projects – our monitoring teams have supported Nuvia-managed decommissioning projects at Winfrith, AWE Aldermaston, a Cs-137 sealed source production facility, several universities and other clients undertaking small-scale decommissioning projects.
  • Land Remediation projects – our teams have supported Nuvia-managed land remediation projects as well as supporting clients undertaking land remediation at nuclear licensed sites, ex-MOD sites and industrial sites (Ra-226, Th-232, H-3).