Characterisation and Assay Services

Groundhog – provides a range of detection monitoring tools and services that encompass all gamma emitting contamination that can be detected in the field. Core features include collection of a high density of survey measurements, rapidly deployed systems and automatic recording of all measurement data. Products include:

  • Groundhog ‘Fusion’
  • Groundhog ‘Insight’
  • Groundhog ‘Evolution2’ and ‘Synergy’

Gamma Excavation Monitor (GEM) – a gross gamma system capable of real-time assay of excavated materials in support of clearance initiatives. The bulk monitoring system has gained Environment Agency approval for effective material segregation of volumes up to 1m3.

High Resolution Gamma Assay (HRGS and HiRAM) – A trailer-mounted system for the assay of waste materials at the customer’s site. HiRAM utilises a trailed-mounted, portable High Resolution Gamma Spectrometer (HRGS) and PC, with a weatherproof cabin and standalone electrical supply. Over 20,000 bags of waste have been measured to date.

Nuvia deploy portable HRGS to client sites to measure a wide variety of wastes including out of scope, VLLW and LLW. Measurements have been carried out on drums, rooms, land and single items such as source tubes and soil samples.

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