Approved Dosimetry Services

With dosimetry offices and laboratories located at key sites in Oxfordshire, Dorset, Cumbria and Scotland, we provide services to licensees and tenants on the former UKAEA sites and clients in the nuclear, industrial and security sectors. We are currently providing support to over 200 clients, with approximately 5,000 workers subject to dosimetry monitoring.

Our managed and integrated dosimetry packages are bespoke to each client’s individual needs and use the most appropriate technology, systems and proven processes to achieve optimum results.

Services include:

  • Record Keeping
  • Internal dosimetry
  • Environmental dosimetry
  • External dosimetry
  • In-vivo monitoring
  • Accident dosimetry
  • Neutron dosimetry
  • Air sampling
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Extremity dosimetry
  • Bioassay sampling
  • Dosimetry training
  • Bespoke software
  • Radon monitoring

Nuvia’s current HSE certified approvals for the Dosimetry Services:

  • Co-ordination and Record Keeping
  • Internal – Assessments, PAS and In-vivo
  • Criticaility Accident (neutrons)
  • External – skin/extremity
  • External – body
  • External – special accident (photons)
  • REPPIR – Internal assessments
  • REPPIR – External skin/extremity
  • REPPIR – External body

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