Operations & Maintenance

NUVIA manages the operation of nuclear facilities and supporting units, offering its customers equipment control and operation, maintenance, project supervision, and the shared objectives of reliability and safety over a wide technical scope in order to optimise performance and profitability.

We share with our customers the same exacting standards and determination in terms of safety, security and environmental protection.

Facility operational services include:

  • Waste conditioning and processing plant
  • Management of radiological laundry services
  • Coordination and scheduling of activities in conjunction with customers and other service providers including the management of subcontractors
  • Operation of equipment, e.g. in cell activities
  • Decontamination operations including in situ, e.g. pond clean up
  • Technical assistance, e.g. dressing, biological protection

Facility maintenance services include:

  • Undertake planned and preventative and corrective maintenance for items of equipment installed and which require “in-service” maintenance at regular intervals prior to full operations;
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 maintenance and regulatory inspections and tests
  • Safety and radiation protection equipment warehousing and maintenance
  • Site operations and maintenance, e.g. demolition, cleaning, painting and refurbishment etc.
  • Tool warehousing and maintenance
  • Keep all maintenance associated records;