Process Engineering

At Nuvia we are problem solvers; our client’s challenges are often complex and unique, requiring bespoke solutions designed by people who understand them. Our wealth of knowledge and experience enables us to take on these challenges and provide answers using concepts that we have tried and tested, giving clients the most effective, safe and best value solution.

Nuvia’s offering within the nuclear industry and our heritage has given us a reputation as the leading organisation in the design of radioactive waste treatment plants.

Our capability:

  • Active effluent treatment
    Our capability and experience covers a wide range of active effluent streams, requiring treatment to the most stringent of environmental discharge limits.
    – Ion exchange| Evaporation| Filtration| Reverse Osmosis| Settling
  • Encapsulation
    We have designed numerous encapsulation processes for our clients with varied requirements. We work with customers to help them to characterise the materials to be encapsulated and develop, test and deliver a process which best meets their and regulatory needs.
    – Cementation | Grout mixing and handling | Bleed Management
  • Active Material Transfer
    Key to our success in designing active waste treatment plants and encapsulation processes is our knowledge of active materials transfer, including solids, slurries, liquids and gases from sources such as legacy waste, reactor coolants and fusion reactors. We have experience of materials transfer in challenging situation, e.g. in-cell.
    – Power Fluidics | Ejectors | Bulk Solid Handling
  • Aerial abatement
    Aerial abatement is a key concern to many of our clients and we provide expert knowledge of gaseous treatment prior to discharge, bringing experience from work carried out for clients such as DSRL. We can quantify, characterise and determine the best treatment options (e.g. scrubbing).
    – Cyclones | Scrubbers

Research & Development

We have a strong history of carrying out research & development, from desktop studies through to full scale prototype trials. For example, designing and building test rigs for the SDP project and carrying thousands of trials, from simulant development to long term endurance trials to prove plant capability and throughput.

Plant Life Extension & Improvement

We work with our clients in all aspects of plant life extension and improvement, using our knowledge of both fundamental process technologies and complex systems to provide capital expenditure savings and operational cost reductions. Recently, for the Rolls-Royce Chemical Plant we have been providing bespoke but simple and cost effective plant life extension analysis and solutions in order to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Our People

A team of highly qualified, professional and experienced employees with an extensive range of qualifications and experience. The team have project resumes covering varied projects supporting clients such as Rolls-Royce, ITER, EDF Energy and Sellafield Ltd.

We share our knowledge and work collaboratively within our organisation and with our clients to ensure that they are reaping the benefits of our years of experience.


  • IChemE Water Award | Aldermaston Waste Treatment Plant (AWE-WTP)
  • Nuvia Innovation Awards, Engineering & Products Category | Modular Active Effluent Treatment Plant (MAETP)
  • Vinci Innovation Awards, Special Jury Prize | Modular Active Effluent Treatment Plant (MAETP)
  • IChemE Innovation & Excellence Awards, finalist | Addition of Superplasticisers to aid in mixing quality and reduced hold-up of nuclear waste
  • IChemE Innovation & Excellence Awards, finalist | Development of a Mixing Process for the Safe Handling of High Hazard, Legacy Nuclear Waste


  • Aqueous Waste Treatment Plant at Aldermaston, D. Keene, 2006
  • Modular Design of Processing and Storage Facilities for Small Volumes of Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste including Disused Sealed Sources, 2012