Science and Research

Nuvia is involved in many of the world's prestigious scientific research programmes in both nuclear and non-nuclear environments. We provide high-value solutions, enabling groundbreaking research in science and technology.

By bringing together our science and engineering capabilities, Nuvia supports some of the world’s largest and most technically challenging research projects, including European Spallation Source (ESS), Fusion projects at Culham and ITER and the Diamond Light Source synchrotron science facility.

We support clients in the implementation of science and research projects through the provision of specialist technical services, engineering and products, and play a key role in the integration of the specialist technologies that support unique scientific projects.

To complement this, our management experience and technical understanding means we can help clients to engage with specialist supply chains, universities and other research organisations in order to meet all project requirements.

Specialist Science and Technology

Our specialist science and technology sector is involved in many of the world’s most prestigious and high-value research programmes. Through this work on both nuclear and non-nuclear projects, we develop innovative solutions that enable groundbreaking research in science and technology to follow.

Our experience and expertise is underpinned by continual development, research and training that ensures we clearly understand clients’ many complex scientific and technical challenges.

Working in some of the most demanding environments, our teams of physicists, engineers and consultants deliver unique, high-integrity solutions that incorporate assurance (quality and safety) in all aspects. Complemented by our multiple scientific and technology disciplines, this means that Nuvia is ideally placed to support clients in the six main areas of the science and technology market:

  • Biology and medicine
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Nuclear physics
  • Particle physics
  • Space science