New Build

Growing demands for energy have seen awareness increase about the benefits of nuclear power as a key part of a low-carbon, sustainable economy. Nuvia provides high-quality, technically focused support to meet the increasing international demand for new reactors and supporting nuclear facilities.

At all stages of the design, development and operation of reactors and other facilities, we bring in-depth understanding of regulatory regimes, licensing requirements, technological and operational requirements.

Support includes:

    • Site licensing and regulatory approval
    • Risk management and safety cases
    • Technical and commercial feasibility studies
    • Environmental and waste management
    • Design for decommissioning and funded decommissioning planning

Also, as an Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) company, our services extend from the early stages of new build through to decommissioning. From inception, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning through to operation, maintenance, decommissioning and final contract close out.