Nuvia’s experience and expertise helps operational plants to optimise performance and ensure integrity. As a world-class leader in the nuclear industry, our wealth of capability is ideally suited to supporting plant life extensions and dealing with resulting liabilities.

Maintaining operation and extending the life of nuclear power stations presents unpredictable challenges. We use our operational experience and expertise to reduce the risk of unforeseen circumstances and develop processes that enable operators to manage the liabilities that can arise in an efficient and controlled manner.

Nuvia offers project, engineering, nuclear consulting and on-site workforce services. Our team’s capability ranges from minor tasks, support with specialist fields such as dose assessments, detailed engineering changes and supporting safety case arguments, to full-scale project implementation and operational services.

We also offer a range of specialist products specifically developed for nuclear environments – see Products for further details.

We ensure OPEX is fed back into projects via operational learning in the UK and France, as well as through experience of dealing with legacy waste and reducing the inherent risks associated with plant life extension projects.