Nuvia offers the full range of services for the characterisation and remediation of land, and the characterisation of waste materials. With over 15 years' experience in both nuclear and non-nuclear sectors, we can provide the experience, expertise and products to meet even the most challenging demands.

In response to the increasing demand for interim storage due to the generation of ILW through decommissioning activities, Nuvia developed Moducube, an innovative, safe and cost effective method of temporarily storing conditioned ILW waste.

Moducube is durable, lightweight, can accommodate a variety of containers and has been optimised to provide sufficient shielding to reduce the dose levels at 1m to 1mSv/hr. This allows the maximum RWMD payload (10 tonnes) to be achieved within a total gross weight of 32 tonnes, while site transport and handling operations can be conducted using a proprietary FLT.

As Moducube does not provide leak-tight containment, no complex pressure-relieving or hydrogen-release systems are required, although an enlarged engineered leak path can be provided if required.


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