Nuvia offers the full range of services for the characterisation and remediation of land, and the characterisation of waste materials. With over 15 years' experience in both nuclear and non-nuclear sectors, we can provide the experience, expertise and products to meet even the most challenging demands.

Moducon is a modular containment system designed by Nuvia to provide an economical and safe solution to the temporary containment of toxic or hazardous materials.

Flexible, versatile, easily transportable and simple to use, Moducon allows an enclosure of almost any size to be quickly and easily assembled and is made from fire-retardant GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) panels. Its modular construction can incorporate entry/exit areas and a variety of optional ports, showers, windows, lighting and ventilation and filtration systems.

The system is used by international clients in a variety of industries to effectively contain plant or equipment to prevent the spread of toxic material and can also be used to create clean rooms in otherwise unsuitable environments.

A full design, construction and training service is also offered.



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