High Resolution Assay Monitor (HiRAM)

Nuvia offers the full range of services for the characterisation and remediation of land, and the characterisation of waste materials. With over 15 years' experience in both nuclear and non-nuclear sectors, we can provide the experience, expertise and products to meet even the most challenging demands.

This trailer-mounted system is designed for the on-site assay of waste materials, is easily transportable and can remain on site during the measurement campaign.

It uses a portable high-resolution gamma spectrometer and standalone electrical supply to provide typical count times of 15 minutes per 1m3 bag of rubble or soil, while achieving limits of detection of 0.007 Bq/g for Cs-137 and 0.003 Bq/g for Co-60.

The system has been used to measure over 20,00 bags to date, with immediate results enabling the operator to classify as out of scope, VLLW or LLW on site, without delay.



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