Procurement Policy

The Nuvia Limited Procurement Policy has been developed to ensure compliance with our quality, safety and environmental management systems and to promote procurement of more sustainable products and materials. We will:

  • assess suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that they meet the requirements of our safety, quality and environmental management systems
  • ensure that Environmental Impact Assessments on our projects are considered during the design process to minimise the carbon footprint impact of our designs on the procurement lifecycle
  • challenge designs and seek to minimise the total volume of materials used and to incorporate, where possible, materials procured from sustainable and/or recycled sources
  • minimise waste by specifying materials that require little alteration prior to installation, operation and maintenance
  • where practical, use materials which can be readily re-used or recycled when they reach their “end-of-life”
  • design, specify and procure materials that can be decontaminated easily prior to recycling
  • consider the energy efficiency of plant, equipment and materials and promote those items with the greatest energy efficiency, including the logistics of supply
  • ensure that whatever services or material we are procuring, that it will be legal, ethical and in accordance with client requirements.

In order to achieve this, we will work closely with suppliers, clients, designers and subcontractors to promote this procurement policy and the principles of sustainable development. We will monitor supplier and subcontractor performance and this will be regularly reviewed.

To assist us in achieving these aims and to achieve economies of scale and efficiency we will also establish and use Purchasing Framework Agreements. These agreements will be promoted and used in the first instance.

The policy applies to Nuvia and is in accord with that of the VINCI Group of companies. All employees responsible for procurement of any kind within the Company will take a proactive role in implementing this policy.

This Procurement Policy will be reviewed annually in line with management system reviews.