Quality & Delivery

A key element of Nuvia’s improvement programme has been our reporting culture, managed through our Unusual Occurrence Reporting (UNOR) system.

This system is open to all employees, can be accessed via the intranet, email or paper reports and empowers responsible managers to describe the action needed in order to address an issue raised. Timely close out of actions is managed by a system of reminders, with a close-out target of 30 days from first report.

Management commitment to safety is monitored via this close-out rate and, in 2012, 82% of UNOR reports were completed within the 30-day target.

A Quality Observation Report (QOR) function also complements the UNOR system, which specifically addresses quality management issues and plays a key role in performance improvements in this critical area.


ISO 9001 Quality Management – The world’s most recognised quality management standard.

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