Nuvia TechExpo 2019 – Technology | Innnovation | Products

Nuvia Tech Expo will showcase Nuvia’s role in the future of Nuclear Technology with live demonstrations of the latest state-of-the-art nuclear measurement and monitoring systems, environmental monitoring, our RD&I projects, virtual reality systems and laser scanning software, plus many others.

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Visit Energus, March 12-13, to view the technology, discover the innovation and discuss the product range, including…

Information management system (IMS) – for tracking radioactive waste
and packages

NUVISION – Portable spectrometric gamma imaging system

CoMo – alpha, beta and gamma contamination monitor

HiRAM – Trailer-mounted high resolution assay monitor system

GEM – Gamma excavation monitor

WIMP Range – wipe test counters

ALMO Alarm monitor – installed dose rate monitoring system with external detectors

HFC Range – Hand/foot/clothing contamination monitors

Portal-D – Emergency deployable modular radiation screening system

Drones G – Gamma detection and spectroscopy module for drones

Groundhog – Land contamination monitoring system

RADScout – Ruggedized radiation monitor

***Free to attend – register your attendance at:***