Nuvia supports new Health Physics apprenticeships

Ten apprentices at Sellafield recently celebrated the completion of their two-year Nuclear Health Physics Monitor (NHPM) programme.

Part of the ‘trailblazer’ scheme, developed by leading employers in the sector, the NHPM apprenticeship is designed to equip those providing radiological monitoring services at work with the skills to protect people, plant and the environment from the effects of ionising radiation and contamination.

Nuvia worked with the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN) to independently assess the practical element of the End Point Assessment (EPA) for the first cohort of apprentices to complete the new standard. The process involved assessing apprentices on a range of radiological safety scenarios and evaluating their understanding of each task.

Nuvia’s assessors were the first in the UK to carry out this type of practical assessment, fully meeting the criteria set out by NSAN as the EPA organisation.

Mike Parker, Director of Services at Nuvia, said: This new approach to assessing apprentices provides high level of confidence that they can safely and skilfully undertake their occupational role. Nuvia is pleased to have been part of the team – alongside NSAN, Sellafield Ltd and partners – to deliver this UK-first in Health Physics Monitor assessment.