Nuvia secures new Magnox decommissioning contract

Nuvia, the international nuclear engineering, project management and services contractor, has secured a multimillion pound contract from Magnox in support of the Dragon Reactor Decommissioning Project at Winfrith, Dorset.

Dragon Reactor – Winfrith, Dorset

The Dragon Reactor Decommissioning Project has been set up to remove the core of the reactor and pack the resulting waste generated into packages for disposal and forms part of a wider programme to decommission the whole of the Winfrith premises.

Nuvia has been selected to design, manufacture, construct, install, and test a range of Mechanical and Electrical Control and Instrumentation (EC&I) plant and systems including shield doors, ventilation systems, waste packing and export plant, and radiological assay systems.

Nuvia has been involved in the programme to decommission the Winfrith site since 1990 and welcomes this latest contract which brings together our extensive knowledge of the Winfrith site and its facilities along with our experience in Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) for decommissioning projects.

The project will be delivered over an 18 month period.

Commenting on the contract win, Keith Collett, CEO of Nuvia, said: We have a proven track record of safely delivering complex projects for our clients and look forward to working with Magnox to ensure the safe and effective decommissioning of the historic Dragon Reactor