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Waste Management & Remediation

Nuvia can provide or manage all of the services needed to successfully and economically handle radioactive waste management projects. Our services include strategic and technical consultancy and the development of bespoke engineering solutions to match specific requirements.

We also provide a land remediation service to assist clients to realise the full value of their assets for redevelopment. Safety and compliance are fundamental to our waste management planning, based on the principles of reduce, recycle, and re-use.

Waste Management & Remediation

Services include:

  • Health Physics Services
  • Consultancy
  • Design, Build & Operation
  • Melting of Contaminated Metals
  • Incineration of Wastes
  • Land Characterisation and Remediation
  • Waste Compaction
  • Decontamination and Decommissioning of Redundant Facilities
  • Conditioning, Storage and Disposal of Waste
  • Waste Transport

Samples of products developed to support waste management operations include:

  • Waste Transportation Flasks
  • Land Remediation System GROUNDHOG
  • On-site assay systems HiRAM & GEM
  • Modular Containment System ModuCON
  • Decontamination Foams FORAL, FORAC,
  • ModuCube
  • Self-cleaning Sludge Filter