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Our course tutors have a wealth of experience in areas such as radiation protection, decommissioning and waste management, for a wide range of nuclear projects in both the civil and defence sectors.

**During the current COVID-19 lockdown, we can provide virtual training*, via video conference, for Radiation Awareness (RA), Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS), Radiation Protection Supervisor Refresher (RPSR), Basic Radiation Protection (BRP), Radiation Protection Supervisor (for X-Rays) across all sectors. ***

* Contact for prices on request and further details.

If none of our standard courses meet your needs, please contact us to arrange a free consultation to develop a bespoke course to suit you.

Radiation Protection

The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17) place a legal requirement on all employers to ensure that all workers engaged in work with ionising radiation receive appropriate radiation protection training.

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Nuvia's range of safety training courses has been specifically developed to meet the demands of the regulations and the needs of clients. Qualified, experienced radiation protection advisers lead all courses, meaning delegates benefit from practical experience in working with and advising on ionising radiation.

Training can be undertaken on your own premises or at any of our sites, including Aberdeen, Dounreay, Harwell, Risley, Sellafield, Westlakes and Winfrith, and we also run courses further afield for our international clients.

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Waste Management & Decommissioning

This course provides delegates with a basic understanding of the UK's nuclear decommissioning programme and the waste management challenges that are being faced in this process. The course covers topics including the regulatory aspects of decommissioning, facility characterisation and waste classification and management.

Who Should Attend?

The course is suitable for apprentices, graduates and all other personnel who require a general understanding of the processes, technology and regulations associated with the UK's nuclear decommissioning programme. No prior knowledge of decommissioning and waste management is assumed.

Course Overview

The following topics are covered in this one-day course:

  • The UK decommissioning programme
  • Waste classification, disposal and treatment
  • Decommissioning activities
  • Safety and licensing of waste management and decommissioning projects

Learning Outcomes

Key learning outcomes from this course are:

  • Understanding the scale of the decommissioning programme
  • Understanding the reasons for decommissioning
  • Knowledge of the regulatory framework underpinning the decommissioning programme and waste management
  • Knowledge of radiological protection and safety objectives in decommissioning
  • Understanding waste characterisation and the definition of the waste inventory
  • Knowledge of the options for treatment, conditioning and disposal of waste

Course Delivery

Nuvia's course tutors have a wealth of experience in decommissioning and waste management for a wide range of nuclear projects in both the civil and defence sectors.

Introduction to the Nuclear Industry

This course provides delegates with a general overview of the nuclear industry and its underlying scientific and engineering principles. The course covers the history of the nuclear industry, fundamentals of nuclear power generation, legislation and safety management and the UK's decommissioning programme. The course is designed for delegates with little or no existing knowledge of the nuclear industry.

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for apprentices, graduates and all other personnel who are new to the nuclear industry and require a general awareness of the history, principles, science, technology and legislation underpinning it. No prior knowledge of the industry is assumed.

Course Overview

The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to radioactivity
  • The UK's civil nuclear power programme including the history of the industry, type of reactors and other nuclear plants
  • Introduction to the nuclear fuel cycle
  • Decommissioning and waste management
  • Legislation and safety management

Learning Outcomes

Examples of the learning outcomes from this course:

  • Knowledge of the UK nuclear industry, and how nuclear energy is produced and commercially used
  • Knowledge of radiation and contamination in the context of safety when working on a nuclear site
  • Understanding of radiological safety
  • Understanding of the roles of the ONR, EA, their regulatory powers and governing legislation
  • Understanding of nuclear fuel cycle, fission, chain reactions and the components and functioning of nuclear reactors
  • Knowledge of the origins of and procedures for dealing with radioactive discharges and waste
  • Understanding of the future plans for nuclear power generation in the UK

Course Delivery

Nuvia's course tutors have a wealth of experience in nuclear projects covering both civilian and defence sectors, across the complete lifecycle from new build, through operations and maintenance, to final decommissioning and waste disposal.