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Ionising radiation is commonly used in a wide range of industries, and companies that do so are required to protect workers, the public and the environment from their potentially harmful effects. Through our comprehensive range of services, we will ensure your practices are justified, safe, comply with all relevant legislation and are fit for purpose.

Radiation Protection Services

As Europe's leading commercial provider of radiation protection services, Nuvia offers support, consultancy and expertise in all aspects of radiation protection and the characterisation of radioactive materials.

We supply these services to a wide variety of customers including those in the oil and gas sector, nuclear industry, government agencies, global corporations and small private companies using radiation in a variety of technologies.

Radiation Protection Advice

Our tailored professional radiation protection advisory service is available to clients big and small who work with ionising radiation.

We help clients to comply with all statutory obligations by providing radiation protection advisers (RPAs), who can be integrated into existing project teams and will ensure that all work - from small movements of radioactive materials to large-scale engineering operations - takes place within a robust system of radiological protection.

In accordance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017, the RPA2000 HSE-approved assessing body has accredited all of our RPAs. A number of our RPAs are also appointed Radioactive Waste Advisers (RWAs).

Radiation Safety Training

The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17) place a legal requirement on all employers to ensure that all workers engaged in work with ionising radiation receive appropriate radiation protection training.

Nuvia's range of safety training courses has been specifically developed to meet the demands of the regulations and the needs of clients. Qualified, experienced radiation protection advisers lead all courses, meaning delegates benefit from practical experience in working with and advising on ionising radiation.

Training courses provided include:

  • Basic radiation protection
  • Radiation Protection Supervisor
  • BRP and RPS Refresher
  • X-ray radiation protection

Training can be undertaken on your own premises or at any of our sites, including Aberdeen, Dounreay, Harwell, Risley, Sellafield, Westlakes and Winfrith, and we also run courses further afield for our international clients.

For further information, including details of our online radiation protection training course, please visit

Operational Monitoring

Nuvia's operational monitoring support includes the deployment of suitably qualified and experienced (SQEP) staff, from a single individual up to teams of 100.

By seamlessly integrating into clients' operations, we provide SQEP operational monitoring expertise and support, including experienced supervisors, for:

  • Reactor outages - we provide teams to a range of operating reactor designs, nuclear generating stations within Europe, South Africa, USA and Canada.
  • Oil and Gas - providing monitoring support to NORM operations our teams support work on oil and gas platforms in the UK and abroad.
  • Nuclear licensed sites - our teams support waste management and decommissioning operations at Nuclear Decommissioning Authority sites at Dounreay, Harwell, Windscale, Low Level Waste Repository and Winfrith sites. Since 2012 we have also provided monitoring teams to the Magnox fleet at Berkeley, Dungeness, Hunterston, Oldbury, Trawsfynydd and Wylfa.
  • Decommissioning projects - our monitoring teams have supported Nuvia-managed decommissioning projects at Winfrith, AWE Aldermaston, a Cs-137 sealed source production facility, several universities and other clients undertaking small-scale decommissioning projects.
  • Land Remediation projects - our teams have supported Nuvia-managed land remediation projects as well as supporting clients undertaking land remediation at nuclear licensed sites, ex-MOD sites and industrial sites (Ra-226, Th-232, H-3).

Approved Dosimetry Services

Nuvia's Approved Dosimetry Service (ADS) dates back nearly 65 years to the beginning of the nuclear industry in the UK.

With dosimetry offices and laboratories located at key sites in Oxfordshire, Dorset, Cumbria and Scotland, we provide services to licensees and tenants on the former UKAEA sites and clients in the nuclear, industrial and security sectors. We are currently providing support to over 200 clients, with approximately 5,000 workers subject to dosimetry monitoring.

Our managed and integrated dosimetry packages are bespoke to each client's individual needs and use the most appropriate technology, systems and proven processes to achieve optimum results.

Services include:

  • Record Keeping
  • Internal dosimetry
  • Environmental dosimetry
  • External dosimetry
  • In-vivo monitoring
  • Accident dosimetry
  • Neutron dosimetry
  • Air sampling
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Extremity dosimetry
  • Bioassay sampling
  • Dosimetry training
  • Bespoke software
  • Radon monitoring

Nuvia's current HSE certified approvals for the Dosimetry Services:

  • Co-ordination and Record Keeping
  • Internal - Assessments, PAS and In-vivo
  • Criticaility Accident (neutrons)
  • External - skin/extremity
  • External - body
  • External - special accident (photons)
  • REPPIR - Internal assessments
  • REPPIR - External skin/extremity
  • REPPIR - External body

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Radiation Protection Instrumentation

We provide a fast-turnaround, competitively priced, UKAS-accredited radiation protection instrumentation (RPI) calibration service for a wide range of radiation instruments, including:

  • Gamma doserate probes and monitors
  • Surface contamination probes and monitors
  • Neutron monitors
  • HSE performance tests for approved dosimetry services
  • Associated radiological instruments such as activity-in-air monitors

From our specialist laboratories at Winfrith and Harwell we can also undertake all aspects of equipment repair (by fully trained technicians), stock an array of common spares and technical manuals, and can design and build bespoke calibration systems to meet your specific needs.

The following calibration prices are valid until 31st December 2019 (E&OE).

Not all instruments are listed here please use the Contact Us link and let us know your precise requirements.

Discounts may be available for bulk calibrations.

Type of Instrument e.g. Price Each
Gamma doserate monitor (Using Cs-137 and Am-241. Integrated doses extra) Eberline RO-2W
Mini SmartIon NE PDR1
High range gamma doserate monitor Eberline RO-2A NE GA3
Hot spot monitors FAG, Teletector
PIDS / PADS Mini 6100 Appleford AI-1
Neutron Monitors Harwell 0075 7NRM
Contamination Monitors
< 130 cm2 NE DP2
> 130 and < 200 cm2 Harwell 1667
> 200 cm2 NE DP8
In-air monitors Harwell A96 and B96
Dual in-air monitor Harwell AB96
Drawer and counter SC100
HSE Performance tests (Using Cs-137)
Whole body, extremity
< 10 off
10 – 20 off
> 20 off
Individual Irradiations / dose checks

Terms & Conditions

  • All laboratory activities at Harwell and Piddlehinton are accredited to ISO9001:2000.
  • The calibration of dose/doserate meters, contamination monitors, and the performance testing of HSE approved dosimetry services are accredited by UKAS.
  • An integrated dose check on doserate meters that support an 'integrate' facility will cost an additional £52.00 if required.
  • Integration tests that require an integration time greater than 15 minutes will be priced individually.
  • Neutron Counters are calibrated at the Harwell Neutron Calibration laboratory. The laboratory is accredited to ISO9001 and uses sources that are fully traceable to national standards.
  • Dose/doserate instruments will normally be calibrated using 137Cs and 241Am sources unless otherwise requested.
  • Alpha contamination monitors will normally be calibrated using 241Am and 234U sources unless otherwise requested.
  • Beta contamination monitors will normally be calibrated using 36Cl and 14C sources unless otherwise requested.
  • Alpha/beta contamination monitors will normally be calibrated using 36Cl and 241Am sources unless otherwise requested.
  • Where possible, the instruments will be adjusted to read correctly during the calibration.
  • The normal turn round time will be two weeks or less, from receipt of instruments at the laboratory.
  • A premium increase of 50% will be made to the calibration price if same day or next day calibration is required.
  • Polar response checks using Am-241 will cost £52.00 for each polar measurement.
  • The customer may request additional measurements that lie outside the routine procedures used by the laboratory. If the laboratory can undertake the measurements they will cost an additional £52.00 each.
  • An instrument that fails calibration will have a handling charge applied to it. The handling charge will be fifty per cent of the basic calibration price.
  • A repair service is available for instruments that fail calibration. No repairs are undertaken without the permission of the customer. The handling charge will not be applied if the instrument is repaired and calibrated by RPI Services.
  • Discount prices cannot apply when polar response checks are required.
  • The prices are exclusive of VAT and post and packaging.
  • Calibrations are done per probe or detector. If an instrument or ratemeter is used to drive more than one probe or detector the calibration price will be multiplied by the number of probes or detectors.
  • Nuvia Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 2063786 and VAT number 446479317.

In November 1990 we achieved UKAS (then NAMAS) accreditation for our gamma calibration facility at Winfrith.

Our accreditation was the first within the UK, and has since been extended to include performance testing of dosimetry services and surface contamination instrumentation.

Current Schedule Of Accreditation

All other calibrations are covered by Nuvia's ISO9001:2000 registration.

Between our Winfrith and Harwell laboratories we are capable of measuring and calibrating to the following specifications:

Gamma Doserates
Caesium-137 0.2 µSv/h to 5.4 Sv/h
Colbalt-60 35 µSv/h to 7.5 mSv/h
Americium-241 4 µSv/h to 4.5 mSv/h
Neutron Doserates
Americium-241/Beryllium 5 µSv/h to 1.5 mSv/h
Californium-252 20 µSv/h
Surface Contamination
Chlorine-36 150x200mm, 15 kBq (typ)
Carbon-14 150x200mm, 48 kBq (typ)
Americium-241 150x200mm, 21 kBq (typ)
Uranium-234 150x200mm, 3.3 kBq (typ)
Lead-210 150x200mm, 24 kBq (typ)
Iodine-129 150x200mm, 23 kBq (typ)

Other isotopes are available on request.

Characterisation and Assay Services

Nuvia offers a full range of services for both characterisation of land and waste materials.

Groundhog - provides a range of detection monitoring tools and services that encompass all gamma emitting contamination that can be detected in the field. Core features include collection of a high density of survey measurements, rapidly deployed systems and automatic recording of all measurement data. Products include:

  • Groundhog 'Fusion'
  • Groundhog 'Insight'
  • Groundhog 'Evolution2' and 'Synergy'

Gamma Excavation Monitor (GEM) - a gross gamma system capable of real-time assay of excavated materials in support of clearance initiatives. The bulk monitoring system has gained Environment Agency approval for effective material segregation of volumes up to 1m3.

High Resolution Gamma Assay (HRGS and HiRAM) - A trailer-mounted system for the assay of waste materials at the customer's site. HiRAM utilises a trailed-mounted, portable High Resolution Gamma Spectrometer (HRGS) and PC, with a weatherproof cabin and standalone electrical supply. Over 20,000 bags of waste have been measured to date.

Nuvia deploy portable HRGS to client sites to measure a wide variety of wastes including out of scope, VLLW and LLW. Measurements have been carried out on drums, rooms, land and single items such as source tubes and soil samples.

Please see our Products or Projects pages.