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Decommissioning & Deplanting

Nuvia can provide all the services needed to safely, economically and successfully undertake the decommissioning of highly regulated radiological or hazardous environments including nuclear reactors, fuel cycle facilities and research centres. We can deliver an all-encompassing managed service, bespoke solutions or technical innovations - all with the aim of reducing the volumes of waste for final disposal following decontamination, segregation, sentencing and packaging.

Deplanting & Decommissioning

From both national and international experience in decommissioning, Nuvia is able to provide the overall management of a decommissioning programme, including new build requirements, from the development of safe and cost-effective strategies to final clearance. The strategies are developed into detailed methodologies, safety documents and schedules that include the following:

  • Risk Assessment & Risk Management
  • Survey & Characterisation of Contamination and Waste Strategies
  • Demolition and Certification of Clearance
  • Decontamination, Segmentation, Sentencing and Packaging