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Nuvia's consultant experience covers a wide range of technical disciplines and includes internationally recognised specialist expertise provided to industry, governments and regulators at a strategic level.

Consulting overview

Our range of consultancy services includes:

  • Waste Management
  • Land Remediation
  • Safety & Risk Analysis / Management
  • Decommissioning & Engineering
  • Engineering Substantiation
  • Option studies
  • Strategy Development & Optioneering

A sample of our experience includes:

  • Programme management of UK government-funded FSU nuclear legacy contracts
  • Expert specialist advice to the IAEA and government bodies
  • TACIS-funded studies in Eastern Europe on sealed source containers

Safety & Risk Analysis

After more than 30 years of supporting industrial partners and regulatory bodies in the identification of safety issues, Nuvia is at the forefront of safety and risk analysis, and offers unrivalled expertise in the nuclear and defence sectors.

Safety & Risk Analysis

As a designer, contractor and operator of nuclear facilities, we bring a wealth of practical experience to all safety and risk activities undertaken.

We have international experience of producing a range of relevant safety documentation (from full safety cases to staged safety reports) and can assemble multidisciplinary teams of scientific operators and safety specialists anywhere in the world, whether for safety/risk analysis, to meet your training needs or provide an independent peer review and verification service.

Environmental & Waste Management

Nuvia has extensive experience in the management of radioactive, non-radioactive and chemical wastes, including the design and implementation of characterisation programmes for buildings and land, and the decontamination, demolition and segregation of clean and exempt wastes.



Environmental & Waste Management

We design, build and operate facilities for the treatment of all categories of radioactive waste, and support clients to develop new waste routes and treatment and disposal facilities.

Our qualified and experienced specialist staff includes consultants in waste management, environmental management, radiological protection and health physics.

Environmental & Waste Management

Services include:

  • Waste characterisation surveys
  • Waste minimisation and disposal route planning
  • Bespoke and off-the-shelf bulk monitoring procedures
  • Characterisation sample programming
  • Waste consignment
  • Development of clean and exempt waste disposal routes and quality plans
  • Hazardous waste characterisation and waste acceptance criteria advice
  • Surface radiation surveys using GPS-linked detectors (GroundhogTM)

Risk & Cost Management

We approach risk management as an ongoing process, with all risks and mitigating actions continually reviewed and updated.

Our skilled risk managers are highly experienced in identifying and mitigating risks, and guide project teams to utilise their expertise in order to manage risk and bring projects in on time and to budget.

Clients can take advantage of our complete risk management service or select individual specialist services, such as:

  • Design of a complete risk management process to meet the requirements of a programme of work
  • Risk assessment workshops
  • Qualitative and quantitative risk assessments
  • Preparation of risk registers and reports, with detailed findings
  • Maintenance of risk registers and associated action lists
  • Stakeholder analysis to identify interfaces required for the successful completion of a project and the risks associated with each interface
  • Statistical analysis, using packages such as @Risk and Primavera Risk Analysis, to determine the impact of identified risks on budget and schedule
  • Training in risk assessment techniques