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Construction & Installation

Nuvia's experience and expertise means we are uniquely placed to offer a whole-life service for construction and installation including site management. Our multi-disciplinary teams cover all aspects of nuclear facility construction, including optioneering, safety and risk consultancy, nuclear engineering, design and build, health physics, decommissioning, and waste and land management.

Our multidisciplinary team of highly skilled operatives and operational engineers contains experience of system builds, refurbishments, installations, construction and installation of some of the industry's most advanced test rigs.

  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Environmental Management
  • Site Management, Coordination and Logistics
    - Site establishment mobilisation plan
    - Site accommodation and welfare facilities
    - Temporary service supplies
    - Coordinated use of labour & plant
    - Temporary works coordination and readinessn
  • Control of Access to the Site
    - Security system management
    - Traffic Management
    - Pedestrian and travel management
  • Delivery Management
    - Traffic & delivery management
    - Delivery documentation vetting
    - Delivery inspection and control
    - Quarantine control and sentencing

Nuvia understand that safety on site is the paramount driver for all Nuvia site based projects and these safety systems are well defined under Nuvia's SHE system. In addition our construction teams are knowledgeable on the very close relationship between Safety and Construction procedures. As such Nuvia adopts a process to ensure there is a clear line of responsibility on-site. This allows us to comply with all regulatory bodies to ensure that our Construction Managers rigorously implement the required systems on site through clear procedures, signage and controls.

Nuvia Construction capabilities are headed by our Lead Construction Manager with a team of SQEP resources, all with CDM qualifications.

Our strategy to deliver a safe construction is developed from our Construction Management Plan (CMP) which captures the following;

  • Management and organisation structure
  • Construction laydown areas
  • Site boundaries and interfaces
  • Construction craneage plan
  • Work safety plans
  • Emergency access and egress
  • Construction fire safety plans
  • Site security and access control
  • Environmental aspects
  • Waste management plan
  • Constructability readiness reviews

We have the SQEP capabilities and experience to run 'island site' construction facilities or work alongside our clients, assessing procedures and processes, introducing benefits of improved working, in a safe manner to a high quality standard.

  • Site assembly of mechanical components
  • Site installation of plant systems including electrical, piping, HVAC and major component equipment
  • Site installation and confifuration of radiological monitoring equipment
  • Site installation of personnel access control systems
  • Planning, supervision, testing and completion of works within a building, area or room.
  • Providing site engineering support to contractors by managing interfaces and solving on-site technical issues through configuration management