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Nuvia's detailed understanding of successful, safe delivery of operations within an active or controlled environment helps us focus our efforts on development of novel solutions to some of the industry's most complex challenges.

Nuclear overview

Delivery of work in the nuclear environment is challenging, this is why the industry demands the very highest standards in safety, quality and overall performance.

We work with customers to deliver to these standards, through the application of engineering processes, operational management and innovation that delivers cost-effective solutions.

New Build

Nuvia provides full engineering and project management support across the whole lifecycle of nuclear new build programmes. We work alongside governments, nuclear regulators, reactor vendors and utilities, using our comprehensive experience and understanding of nuclear new build to assist clients on a range of international projects.

Nuclear New Build

Growing demands for energy have seen awareness increase about the benefits of nuclear power as a key part of a low-carbon, sustainable economy. Nuvia provides high-quality, technically focused support to meet the increasing international demand for new reactors and supporting nuclear facilities.

At all stages of the design, development and operation of reactors and other facilities, we bring in-depth understanding of regulatory regimes, licensing requirements, technological and operational requirements.

Support includes:

  • Site licensing and regulatory approval
  • Risk management and safety cases
  • Technical and commercial feasibility studies
  • Environmental and waste management
  • Design for decommissioning and funded decommissioning planning

Also, as an Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) company, our services extend from the early stages of new build through to decommissioning. From inception, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning through to operation, maintenance, decommissioning and final contract close out.


Nuvia's experience and expertise helps operational plants to optimise performance and ensure integrity. As a world-class leader in the nuclear industry, our wealth of capability is ideally suited to supporting plant life extensions and dealing with resulting liabilities.

Nuclear Generation

Maintaining operation and extending the life of nuclear power stations presents unpredictable challenges. We use our operational experience and expertise to reduce the risk of unforeseen circumstances and develop processes that enable operators to manage the liabilities that can arise in an efficient and controlled manner.

Nuvia offers project, engineering, nuclear consulting and on-site workforce services. Our team's capability ranges from minor tasks, support with specialist fields such as dose assessments, detailed engineering changes and supporting safety case arguments, to full-scale project implementation and operational services.

We also offer a range of specialist products specifically developed for nuclear environments - see Products for further details.

We ensure OPEX is fed back into projects via operational learning in the UK and France, as well as through experience of dealing with legacy waste and reducing the inherent risks associated with plant life extension projects.

Legacy Waste & Decommissioning

Over the past 50 years Nuvia has developed comprehensive capacity and expertise to deliver the most complex nuclear projects and has been trusted to work on some of the world's most hazardous legacy facilities.

Nuclear Legacy Waste & Decommissioning

With unrivalled capability to deliver decommissioning and waste management projects built from experience on a wide range of nuclear facilities - from processing plants and reactors to storage ponds and submarines. We can support you in the decommissioning and remediation of all facilities associated with the nuclear fuel cycle - from strategy development, engineering, implementation, operations and safety.