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Nuvia helps to deliver the UK's nuclear security and uses comprehensive and exacting safety, security and technical standards to operate in the most highly regulated of environments.

defence overview

We supply nuclear engineering services to two of the Ministry of Defence's main agencies.

At AWE Aldermaston, home of the UK's nuclear deterrent, we have supplied nuclear engineering support for over 20 years. This has included providing staff from all engineering disciplines, project management and decommissioning.

Meanwhile, at Rolls-Royce, they have pioneered one of the most important technological advances in naval propulsion - the use of nuclear propulsion for the Royal Navy's submarine flotilla. We supply nuclear engineering services to the programmes associated with the Nuclear Steam Raising Plant, including plant design, safety, manufacture, performance and through-life support.

Nuclear Security

Nuvia is a leading international provider of world-class nuclear engineering services. Building on vast experience, for more than 40 years we have provided a wide range of services to a number of clients in support of their nuclear security programmes.

defence Nuclear Security

Nuvia has staff covering the full range of engineering disciplines (project management, mechanical, process and electrical engineering) engaged on a wide variety of projects for clients in the nuclear and pharmaceutical industries.

We also provide decommissioning and waste management support (including health physics and delivery of infrastructure activities), with all staff holding the appropriate levels of security to meet the stringent requirements of the UK government.

For more than four decades we have supported AWE Aldermaston with their work to maintain the UK's independent nuclear deterrent, and also work with clients such as Magnox, Rolls-Royce, EdF, Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd, Research Sites Restoration Ltd, HM Government and Border Agencies.


Nuvia is a leading international provider of world-class nuclear engineering services. Building on our nuclear decommissioning experience, for more than ten years we have supported the dismantling of nuclear-powered submarines in the UK and internationally.

defence Submarines

Nuvia's submarine experience began in 2002, when we successfully managed, on behalf of the UK Government, the cradle-to-grave projects to dismantle nuclear-powered submarines (NPSs) in Russia as part of the Global Threat Reduction programme.

Work over a seven-year period involved assessing Russian government proposals to enable the UK Government to decide which projects to fund, which led to further submarine dismantling contracts with a number of Russian shipyards, all completed on time, to budget and specification.

We currently support the Ministry of Defence with their planning to dismantle the UK's redundant defueled NPSs by assisting with technical and programme management, and development of optimised disposal solutions.

Our experience in the former Soviet Union is now proving beneficial on the project to defuel the Russian Papa-Class NPSs, which have a unique reactor design and are the world's fastest submerged submarine. As part of this contract, we are supporting the set up and monitoring the overall project.