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Nuvia was contracted to design, build, commission and operate a waste treatment plant to stabilise 300m³ of radioactive sludge generated during the operational lifetime of the Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor. The plant (referred to as WETP) was designed and built, with active operations commencing thereafter. Key aspects of the project included design, safety case, construction, the manufacture and installation of the equipment, inactive and active commissioning, the decommissioning and demolition of buildings and the return of the site to Brownfield state.

  • Process design developed to deal with unexpected solids
  • Nuvia is the only private contractor in the UK to have designed, built and operated an ILW encapsulation plant
  • Completion of the project included remediation of the facility back to Brownfield state and remediation of the storage tanks
  • 1,068 drums produced and the plant regularly exceeded throughput of five drums per day