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Nuvia successfully delivered the contract to decommission the problematic sludge filtering and drying vessel which was constructed in the 1970s and aptly named the RB Tank after the late Trawsfynydd engineer, Robert Byron Jones. The tank, which was a legacy of the site's electricity generation era, had the highest level of alpha contamination ever encountered on site and the safe conclusion of the project marks a major hazard reduction milestone for Magnox.

The vessel was contained using Nuvia's modular containment system, ModuCon, a glassfibre panel structure mounted in a steel support framework which was designed and constructed for this project, but which Magnox can now retain and reuse for future C4 capability projects.

The team faced a challenging working environment caused by the presence of non-load bearing floor areas and restricted access around the existing enclosure of the tank. This led to the development of an innovative approach to the installation of the modular containment. A sectional rail system was designed to enable the steel support frame to be constructed in a low radiation area at one end of the Active Workshop. The rail system spanned the non-load bearing areas of the workshop floor and allowed the steel frame and partially constructed ModuCon to be pushed into position over the tank. Once in its final position, the containment end wall was installed and the entry/exit and waste posting facilities constructed, the entire unit was then sealed. A new, upgraded ventilation system was connected to the containment.

The use of the rail system enabled construction away from the tank minimising dose uptake during the installation phase and the risk of damage to the existing tent enclosure already in place. This methodology consequently minimised the risk of contamination of the environment.

  • The project was undertaken in an area presenting the highest level of contamination at the site
  • An innovative approach was adopted for containment installation
  • Deployment of Nuvia's ModuCon product, a reusable lightweight containment system
  • Nuvia was subsequently awarded the Magnox Trawsfynydd Environmental and Safety Award