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The 61m chimney, is at the heart of the site and is being taken down as it no longer meets modern standards. Due to its central location the stack cannot be demolished using conventional methods; it must be dismantled in a controlled way with the debris removed by tipping buckets and disposed of appropriately.

As part of the contract Nuvia designed, built, tested and commissioned a self-supporting, climbing platform. The Platform can climb the chimney at the speed of 5mm per second and its diameter can be enlarged or reduced to fit the chimney's tapered size and does not affect the sub-strength of the concrete chimney.

Following completion of construction and testing of the platform, it was carefully dismantled and transported to Cumbria for use on site.

The project will, once completed will involve:

  • Detail design of the Self-Climbing Platform (SCP)
  • Manufacture and test of the SCP at an offsite location
  • Conducting site enabling works on site, including construction of an "overbridge" over the roof of the building below the chimney
  • Construction and assembly of the SCP at Sellafield
  • Decontamination and Demolition of the Stack Windshield