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In 2009 Nuvia completed an independent expert review and value engineered the 2008 concept design for the Tokamak Complex nuclear HVAC systems. The aim of the review was to develop a justified cost estimate for the HVAC and local air coolers (LAC) systems for the Tokamak and Tritium buildings, assess the design for compliance and examine the appropriateness of the technical solutions.

Scope of work:

  • Tokamak and Tritium buildings common nuclear supply and extract HVAC system
  • The primary plant control for the HVAC
  • Discharge all nuclear facilities at the ITER site with depression and abatement functions to all areas of the buildings served by the nuclear HVAC systems
  • Nuvia were able to highlight shortfalls and issues in regulatory compliance and improve the engineering solutions to achieve design intent
  • By identifying design measures required at an early stage the risks of scope creep and additional changes (and therefore costs) were reduced