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Mission & Values

Mission - how we operate

  • We use our commitment to safety and technical expertise to deliver quality and excellence to all clients.

Vision - our future

  • Our vision is to be the leading specialist in our markets, providing an integrated solution to our clients through nuclear services, risk management and EPC contracting.
  • To continually improve as a performance-driven company, committed to the development of our people within a culture of safety, innovation and excellence.
  • By leading the way in evolving markets, we will pursue our international growth, combining our global competence with our local networks to further enhance our value to our clients.

Values - our shared behaviours

  • Managing safety and security requirements, ensuring protection of operators, the environment and facilities
  • The commitment and professionalism of our teams, working for success of our clients' projects
  • Technical excellence, based on vertical integration, experienced feedback, and ongoing innovation research


Nuvia focuses on workforce involvement as a key element in improving both our safety culture and performance.

Launched in 2007, our Standards & Expectations programme seeks to increase workforce involvement in safety and environmental management through effective leadership, communication and awareness raising.

Key features of the programme are our Just Culture, agreed with trade unions and led by our Board and CEO, SHE improvement teams that promote ongoing safety discussions relating to projects in an open, frank atmosphere, and monthly briefings on topics relevant to company activities and risk.


In 2016 Nuvia secured the competitive RoSPA Engineering Services Sector award. This follows 19 consecutive years that Nuvia has been recognised for performing at RoSPA's gold award standard, in turn leading to 4 years of the RoSPA Order of Distinction. Winning the competitive award in our field is a fantastic achievement which further demonstrates the Company's position as a leader in its health and safety practices.


Nuvia scooped the top prize for 'Excellence in Health and Safety' at the Britain's Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) Business Awards 2014.

Quality & Delivery

To support delivery of our work a comprehensive range of systems, procedures and practices, accredited to ISO9001, have been developed, which incorporate lessons learnt from project delivery and best practice both internally and from wider industry.

A key element of Nuvia's improvement programme since 2004 has been our reporting culture, managed through our Unusual Occurrence Reporting (UNOR) system.

This system is open to all employees, can be accessed via the intranet, email or paper reports and empowers responsible managers to describe the action needed in order to address an issue raised. Timely close out of actions is managed by a system of reminders, with a close-out target of 30 days from first report.

Management commitment to safety is monitored via this close-out rate and, in 2012, 82% of UNOR reports were completed within the 30-day target.

In 2013 a Quality Observation Report (QOR) function was added to complement the UNOR system, which specifically addresses quality management issues and plays a key role in performance improvements in this critical area.

LRQA/ISO Certifications

ISO 9001 Quality Management - The world's most recognised quality management standard.


Nuvia is committed to incorporating Sustainability principles into all business activities.

Our goals are to maintain our excellent safety record, reduce our environmental impacts, help our people develop and achieve greater job satisfaction and support for the communities we live and work amongst.

We aim to do this by complying with our Quality and SHE management systems, striving for safe delivery to time and to budget, incorporating sustainable approaches into our designs and procuring equipment and materials in ways that reduce impacts on the planet and by taking advantage of developing technologies.

Achieving these goals will give us and our people a secure future, will offer the certainty our clients need and provide opportunity to our communities for years to come.

This is sustainable business.

    • Who For?
    • Nuvia & its people
    • Our clients
    • Our supply chain
    • Our local communities
    • Our environment
    • How?
    • Safe delivery, to time & to budget
    • Sustainable design solutions
    • Sustainable procurement
    • Standards & expectations
    • Providing jobs & creating wealth
    • Supporting our local communities
    • Why?
    • Future business
    • Lower environmental impact
    • Fewer incidents. No lost time
    • Personal development
    • Job satisfaction
    • Good neighbours
  • Sustainable Business


To support delivery of our work a comprehensive range of systems, policies, procedures and practices, accredited to ISO9001, have been developed, which incorporate lessons learnt from project delivery and best practice both internally and from wider industry.

Nuvia Limited provides a comprehensive range of engineering and consultancy services, principally to the nuclear industry. The Company aims to be the safest and most successful private UK-based business in this field. In pursuit of this aim, the Company is committed to satisfying the requirements specified by customers, by legislation, or by internal standards.

Nuvia supports these aims by:

  • Implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System that:
  • - Complies with ISO 9001:2008
    - Is certificated by a suitably accredited body
    - Ensures customers' specified requirements are met

  • Continual development of the management system to ensure its effectiveness in meeting the aims of the business
  • Developing the potential of the Company's staff
  • Maintaining and developing the Company's expertise

In support of these aims, Nuvia develops objectives that are monitored, measured and reviewed.

The Quality Policy and Management Systems are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are adequate and effective in satisfying the Company's aims and objectives.

The Health & Safety of our employees, contractors and the public is fundamental to the success of Nuvia Limited. The Company recognises its moral and legal duty to protect the health and safety of its employees during the course of their employment; to protect employees of other employers, including clients and contractors; and to protect members of the public who may be affected by our work activities.

In recognising these responsibilities, Nuvia's Health & Safety Policy is to take all practicable measures to prevent the injury and ill health of its employees and others who may be involved in or affected by its work activities. The Company implements and maintains a Health & Safety Management System that complies with OHSAS 18001:2007 and is certified by a suitably accredited body. In doing this we will:

  • Comply, as a minimum, with all applicable health and safety legislation and regulations at all places of work
  • Comply with all other requirements determined by Nuvia policies and procedures or by regulatory bodies or clients
  • Provide safe conditions and practices of work
  • Clearly define the responsibilities and duties of all employees
  • Consult with employees in the development of arrangements for safety, and work with them to achieve their implementation
  • Provide employees, contractors and visitors with suitable and adequate information, instruction and training to safeguard their health and safety
  • Select contractors who have effective safety management systems for work at the Company's or its clients' premises
  • Co-operate with and support our clients and landlords in developing safe working practices
  • Design plant, equipment and facilities that are safe to construct, operate, maintain, and, dismantle and demolish

Management and supervisory staff are required to provide and maintain safe conditions and systems of work. They are required to comply with the requirements of statutory and company regulations, codes of practice instructions and guidance, to acquaint employees under their control with these requirements and to monitor compliance with them.

All employees are required to understand their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work, etc, Act 1974, to act responsibly and to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves and other persons, and to co-operate in the implementation of this Policy.

Nuvia is committed to continuous improvement of its health and safety performance by setting long-term objectives supported by a monitored programme of actions and targets and undertakes to publish details of performance, objectives and targets in periodic reports.

Nuvia Limited recognises that its activities may affect the environment and is committed to controlling and minimising adverse environmental impacts. In particular, Nuvia's objectives are to:

  • Implement and maintain an Environmental Management System that:
  • - complies with ISO 14001:2004
    - is certificated by a suitably accredited body
    - ensures the environmental impact of its work is assessed and minimised

  • Comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations
  • Minimise the generation of waste and in particular radioactive waste, so far as this is reasonably practicable
  • Avoid contaminating the environment or creating nuisance
  • Include environmental performance as a criterion for supplier selection
  • Adopt, where practicable, designs and operational methods which minimise harm to the environment
  • Seek continual improvement in environmental performance
  • Co-operate and support our clients and landlords in minimising their environmental impacts
  • Consult with employees in the development and implementation of arrangements for environmentally responsible working

In recognising that energy use constitutes a significant proportion of our environmental impact and carbon footprint, the Company undertakes to:

  • Comply with its obligations under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme
  • Seek to reduce its energy and water usage when measured per employee
  • Identify and develop cost-effective energy efficiency measures at all its premises
  • Undertake energy walkrounds at each of its sites with a view to identifying waste and areas for improvement
  • Include energy use as part of our annual Management Review process
  • Set objectives and targets related to energy use on an annual basis

These objectives are realised through a variety of measures, including the application of appropriate systems and procedures, the provision of staff training as appropriate, and the monitoring and review of performance.

The Environmental & Energy Policy is made available to members of the public. The Policy and related systems and procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are adequate and effective in satisfying the Company's aims and objectives.

Nuvia Limited's Corporate Responsibility policy flows naturally from our Purpose, Vision and Values Statement.

This Policy is supported by other Company-wide policies including Health and Safety, Environmental & Energy, and Human Resource aspects of the business.

Throughout our business we will aim to operate in a safe, environmentally and socially responsible manner that reflects the aims of sustainable development and is consistent with the following principles:

  • To integrate Corporate Responsibility into our business decision-making processes.
  • To ensure effective communication and dialogue with all stakeholders.
  • To improve the management of health, safety, environmental and social issues in our business.
  • To recognise and encourage the contribution of our employees to improve individual and business performance and also their contribution to the wider community.

The Nuvia Limited Procurement Policy has been developed to ensure compliance with our quality, safety and environmental management systems and to promote procurement of more sustainable products and materials. We will:

  • assess suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that they meet the requirements of our safety, quality and environmental management systems
  • ensure that Environmental Impact Assessments on our projects are considered during the design process to minimise the carbon footprint impact of our designs on the procurement lifecycle
  • challenge designs and seek to minimise the total volume of materials used and to incorporate, where possible, materials procured from sustainable and/or recycled sources
  • minimise waste by specifying materials that require little alteration prior to installation, operation and maintenance
  • where practical, use materials which can be readily re-used or recycled when they reach their “end-of life”
  • design, specify and procure materials that can be decontaminated easily prior to recycling
  • consider the energy efficiency of plant, equipment and materials and promote those items with the greatest energy efficiency, including the logistics of supply
  • ensure that whatever services or material we are procuring, that it will be legal, ethical and in accordance with client requirements.

In order to achieve this, we will work closely with suppliers, clients, designers and subcontractors to promote this procurement policy and the principles of sustainable development. We will monitor supplier and subcontractor performance and this will be regularly reviewed.

To assist us in achieving these aims and to achieve economies of scale and efficiency we will also establish and use Purchasing Framework Agreements. These agreements will be promoted and used in the first instance.

The policy applies to Nuvia and is in accord with that of the VINCI Group of companies. All employees responsible for procurement of any kind within the Company will take a proactive role in implementing this policy.

This Procurement Policy will be reviewed annually in line with management system reviews.

Nuvia Limited will endeavour to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place within our directly employed workforce, or any of our supply chain. Our recruitment processes are transparent and reviewed regularly. We communicate directly with candidates to discuss job opportunities and to confirm the details of any offer made. We have robust procedures in place for the vetting of new employees and ensure that we are able to confirm their identities and that they are paid directly into an appropriate personal bank account. As the majority of our work is in the nuclear industry, all employees and agency staff are also security vetted, while reference checks are also undertaken for employees and agency personnel.

We have an e-learning module which is used company wide to raise awareness in modern slavery and human trafficking issues and ensure compliance with this statement.

We have robust processes in place to ensure, as reasonably practical, that our supply chain adhere to our expectations in respect of their workforce supplier and sub-suppliers. Our supply chain is required to complete a comprehensive supplier questionnaire, which requires them to demonstrate that they have taken steps to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any part of their business.

The information received is thoroughly reviewed, assessed and approved by our Assurance, SHE, Quality, and Supply Chain Teams to confirm that the supplier is appropriate to work for our business. These reviews are recorded and signed off by senior members of the business responsible for our supply chain.

Nuvia Limited carry out audits on our supply chain, both as part of the supplier assessment process, and under our ongoing QA Audit programme. These audits include physical audits of our suppliers' records pertaining to workers on our projects and their own supply chains.

This statement will be reviewed annually.

Mike Roberts, Director of Corporate Services